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Passing on to future generations

Integrating the environment as one of Château Sénéjac's performance parameters means meeting today's and future societal expectations.


Like our clients, we are increasingly aware of the fragility of our environment. It is therefore essential to transmit a preserved and clean land to our children.


Through this motivation, we commit ourselves to a collective approach with the implementation of an environmental management system (EMS) based on the international standard ISO 14001.


The Bordeaux Wine EMS provides us with the tools, environmental practices and know-how necessary to meet tomorrow's chal

Accompanying the nature

The whole innovative spirit of the SME approach lies in the management of teams in the vineyard as well as in the winery.


Every practice, every job, every daily gesture is master to reduce our impact on the environment. These practices impact of a multitude of works.


In particular, working the soil instead of using pesticides allows better rooting. The ploughing forces the roots of each vine to dive deeper, thus improving its access to nutrients.


The microbial life of the soil will increase as a result of successive scratching and ridging, thus favouring the mineralisation of organic matter and the oxygenation of the soil.

Give back to the Earth what it offers us

With the help of the Cépage association, we have set up economic and efficient solutions to sort our waste. Many of them are now recycled in approved reprocessing plants.


Why burn our shoots in the wild when they can be used to produce compost to fertilize our own vines? Why burn stumps in plots when they are a natural fuel and can heat offices and businesses?


We are aware that much more needs to be done to improve our performance. Our unwavering determination and efforts enable us to improve tomorrow's environment every day.

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