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The Soil of Sénéjac - Pian Médoc

The soil of Château Sénéjac is located halfway between Margaux and Bordeaux, on the clayey-gravelly crest of the commune of Pian-Médoc.


The soil is therefore covered with gravel and the proportion varies according to the location of the plot. The gravel allows rapid and efficient drainage, favouring the appearance of early hydric stress during the vegetative cycle.


This soil is naturally poor in organic matter which favours the expression of the great Cabernet Sauvignon.


The vines are typical of the Médoc with a majority of Cabernet-Sauvignon (52%), followed by Merlot (36%), Cabernet-Franc (8%) and a touch of Petit Verdot (4%).


The Climate of Sénéjac - Pian

The Sénéjac vineyard benefits from an oceanic climate intimately linked to the proximity of the Atlantic Ocean.


It brings softness and rain in winter, sunshine and heat in summer. Very often, summer is prolonged by a cool and sunny September where alternating day and night temperatures favour the ripening of our grapes.

Château Sénéjac Statistique Générale de la Gironde

1874 - Edouard Féret

General Statistics of Gironde


"The Château Sénéjac is surrounded by a 160-hectare park where one finds the most varied grounds. Its vineyard occupies 60 hectares. It generally offers a siliceous-gravel soil on a clay base, often mixed with gravel, very favourable for the cultivation of Cabernets, grape varieties that the owner has generalized in this vintage and by the multiplication of which he has considerably improved the quality of his wines, now very sought after...".

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