A vineyard at the centre of a surprising biodiversity

Château Sénéjac extends over 150 hectares, within which 41 hectares of vines are exploited. The average age of the vineyard is 35 years and the average planting density is 6 600 vines per hectare.


Man's hand shapes every vine. From pruning to harvesting, we pay particular attention to the balance of the plant material.


Each intervention in the vineyard is reasoned according to the characteristics of the plots in order to respect the expression of the terroir. The vineyard is managed by the practice of integrated viticulture.



This demanding and complex grape variety flourishes in Sénéjac. It offers the wines of Sénéjac its spicy character.



Cabernet Sauvignon is what gives Sénéjac its incomparable structure.



In gravelly soils, Cabernet Franc is a precious asset to create a link with the other grape varieties and bring tannic finesse.



Merlot is characterised by its finesse and delicacy. It gives to Sénéjac wine the finesse of the tannins and its round and gourmand character.

Around the vines

In addition to its exceptional terroir, Château Sénéjac has a wide range of agricultural land.


Of the 150 hectares that make up the estate, about forty hectares of forest border the vineyard to the north and south of the property. There is a wide variety of species with hornbeams, oaks, acacias and maritime pines. 


Between the vines and this forest the landscape alternates with meadows where horses and donkeys can be seen living in complete freedom. In the park, around the castle, very old fish ponds are the testimony of ancient fish farming practices. They are home to many aquatic species and a sign of great diversity.


All of these lands constitute a rich reserve of biodiversity that we wish to maintain, improve and above all preserve.

Extrait du livre de Charles Cocks et Edouard Feret Bordeaux et ses vins classés par ordre de mérite


"Le domaine de Sénéjac est une des résidences les plus agréables du Médoc; son château est entouré de sources jaillissantes alimentant plus de 500 mètres de bassins superposés et entourés de belles allées de peupliers et de tilleuls, le tout encadré de prairies irrigables et parfaitement nivelées."

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Great Red Wine From Bordeaux, Haut Médoc

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Château Sénéjac


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